Storage Solutions

Got Storage? The answer is, of course.  At Silver Star Movers we anticipate all possibilities related to your move. Perhaps your new home is not quite ready, perhaps you have plans to travel for a few months before moving, perhaps you would like to store seasonal items, whatever the circumstances, we have you covered. You have the option to store your precious items in our climate controlled and highly secured warehouse.

Unlike public storage, we at Silver Star carefully place your items in our wooden, segregated 5x7x6  vaults. Your items will never get mixed up with someone else and can be retrieved if needed.  Oversized items get protected in clean coverings and stored away from traffic and dust.  Our crews carefully do all of the loading and unloading so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Please give us a call to reserve your storage vaults.

We offer sturdy, secure vaults in our own climate-controlled warehouse. Not only is storage with us more economical than commercial spaces, we are right there to take care of the loading and unloading, so you can concentrate on other things.